Here's what some of Lisa's satisfied clients have to say:

I feel so blessed that I met Lisa. She is honest, warm, and authentic. Since I have been working with her my life has changed, I have changed! Think about all the stuff we carry around all the time; anger or resentment, sadness, abandonment.. what do we do with it? Lisa can help shift that energy. She gives a safe, non judgmental place and energy for you to let down your daily armor and let it all out! That alone is transforming. And she will meet you (energetically) where ever you are. If you  are ready for change but still hesitant, that's ok! I was in the beginning and just taking baby steps at first I realized I could really trust Lisa and then the resistance started to dissipate. It has been a really beautiful experience, and I'm excited to continue working with her. Candice


Before I started to work with Lisa on the telephone, I set an open  mind with limited expectations. We easily connected and after our session I could feel physical changes. My first thought was that it had to be a coincidence.  How could this affect happen from 2000 miles away? With curiosity and a fervent belief people are brought together for a reason, I scheduled the second appointment. During our second meeting, I could sense another energy event and was happily surprised. I am still amazed today as I feel the various improvements in my body during and after our time together.  Lisa's unique sensitivity to energy channels is powerful and she has a remarkable gift... Sally Stevens author My Secret Life with Angels


Where do I begin? I can’t think of enough complimentary things to say about Lisa. I’ve seen her work miracles in others and I’ve felt the same effects in my own life.  She’s helped to guide me along a spiritual journey that’s been unfolding now for years, and she’s always been there at critical moments to help me overcome an important obstacle or let go of something that’s been holding me back. She does it in a gentle, supportive way – not rushing, content to nudge here and there when you’re finally ready to make the change. And she does all of this without any specific agenda or judgment. Her work is your soul’s work, and she lets her intuition guide rather than force your journey of creation and discovery. She’s doing amazing work, and I have the greatest respect for her gifts. Work with her and you’ll see the proof in your own life. 



I don't know how you do it but all my fears discappeared. I waited to see if they would come back the next day and they have not. i did have some little bitty one come up yesterday but then I breathed into it and off it went. I am almost feeling a bit delusional. The fear/anger became so much a part of me that it was a big hole when it left. Gladly I have been filling it with other thoughts, at least I think that is what is happening. I felt so much lighter when I left you and it just continued. Amazing whatever you are doing. It is magic!  




Lisa, I have to say I am experiencing an opening in my heart area both front and back. It is a much welcomed expansion and my body and posture are more open. Thanks for your support and the work you did with me. You are a sweetheart and a very powerful healer. 




Lisa Montagna has been my Holistic Practitioner for 7+ years. As Lisa has increased her knowledge, abilities and energy, I have grown with her as well. She has improved my overall well being by creating the abilitly for me to deeply relax and improve my flexibility. I have put my body into her hands. I do not need to ask her to address any stressful or tight areas, she has the ability to locate them and relieve them. I give her the freedom to use whatever method she chooses from her "bag of magic" to resolve whatever she dscovers in each session. Each session begins with a simple question: 'How are you doing?' That's all I need to do. With whatever response I give her at the end of the session: my life is better. It has become difficult to use another massage therapist while on a business trip or vacation. They do not meet the standard that Lisa has caused me to expect. I would not know what I would do without her.




My husband, Mike, and I started coming to Lisa Montagna some time ago for her wonderful massages, and then  we joined her Spiritual Healing Workshop. We both learned how to meditate and explore our spiritual side, learning to get in touch with Spirit.  Our relationship with Lisa and the other members of the workshop gave us new insights into our own personalities with respect to how we judge other people we meet and with people we have known for years. Every time we left the 2-hour healing workshop we both felt a new spiritual uplift which brought us many new topics to talk about as we drove home and for weeks to come.  Our tolerance for people in our lives who used to be annoying has changed to understanding them  in a more patient and loving way.  We learned to take a deep breath when we began to feel impatient, thus slowing down our reactions which in the past felt like anger. We value the time we spent attending Lisa's workshops and learning from her a new and better way to go through our lives and our ever-changing world views. Thank you, Lisa, for your help and patience with us.  We will always value you and what you taught us through your own example. 

 Janet and Mike 


Lisa is a powerful and strong bodyworker and I am happy to recommend her. Her work goes way beyond traditional massage therapy! When she works on my body I release pain, tension and old traumas, including some from childhood, from my body and energy field. She is a gift to those of us caring for ourslelves holistically!  




Lisa is a gifted masseuse and energy worker. She is highly intuitive and her work is beneficial  in releasing blocks stuck in your energy field. She is a positive person and her essence is very loving and healing. Lisa's healing touch is very satisfying and each time I had a massage I felt that much closer to wholeness and health. Especially nice was her cranial sacral massages that helped with tmj and tenseness in my neck muscles. She is truly a gift to anyone who is in pain and wants to find peace in healing.  




My name is Tim Juliano and I own, run and work as a landscaper. It is a very physical job and very demanding as I always join in on the work whether is it concrete, stone work, irrigation or planting. Lisa has been my massage therapist for 5 years and has continually realigned me for a  number of different problems ranging from neck and back to hips and knees. She takes her time in diagnosing problems through questioning, but more importantly she watches me move and has a keen eye for seeing the problem as she watches my movement. About 6 months ago I had such severe knee pain that it was collapsing as I waked or bent my knee and I thought I was headed for surgery. Once again she watched my movement, worked on me and fixed the pain and movement in my knee in 3 sessions. She is very gifted in her field and the best massage therapist I have been to in a span of 15 years.



Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you I feel so much better today and I owe it all to you. (I know you said I did it but I never would have found the way if you had not guided me) I can't thank you enough for what you did for me last night. I felt so much better this morning! I slept well and felt renewed energy levels and all around lighter in my heart. My physical self felt better too, less pain then I have had in a long time. The part in my center back that always hurts is almost non-existent  today. I truly believe whoever is "large and in charge" led me to you, thank GOD or whoever!



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  • Amy (Monday, April 01 13 02:26 am EDT)

    I was referred to Lisa through a friend for the first time about 8 months ago. I was going through a difficult time and felt like I had nobody or nowhere to turn to. I definitly believe people cross
    your path and come into your life for a reason and this is exactly what happened for me! I cannot say enough positive things about Lisa and her spiritual work. Her energy healing and dedication to
    her clients is truly amazing. I cannot thank you enough for getting me through this difficult time and have made huge progress because of you! You are so passionate about what you do and I am so
    lucky to have found you:) Thank you!

  • Janeen (Saturday, December 15 12 01:17 pm EST)

    I believe everyone crosses your path for a reason and at a certain time. I met Lisa a few years back as a massage therapist. We became friends and I learned more about her. I am grateful and thankful
    that she is in my life. I had a devastating experience and she helped me through it. Breathing with her, feeling her positive energy made me feel at peace and really helped me to heal my emotional
    wounds from the past. She is truly amazing, dedicated to her purpose in helping others heal and in helping them find their purpose in life as well.

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