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Lisa Montagna started her own healing journey back in 1990 after reaching a point in her life where she was forced to ask herself, “Is this all there is to life?” After basically walking away from her husband and all of her friends, she began a journey of healing and self-discovery that continues to this day.


Leaving the corporate world to explore alternative methods of healing led her to study various modalities including meditation, astrology, reiki, massage therapy and Vortex Healing to name a few. Through this, she discovered the amazing benefits of energetic healing and it is here where she found her home in the healing arts. Through her Intuitive Energetics she is able to serve those who are looking to break past their own perceived limitations and create a more fulfilling life. 


As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Lisa is intuitively gifted with the ability to "read" her clients' energetic fields, working with them on a multi-level approach -- accessing physical, emotional and spiritual realms -- to assist them in experiencing a deep core healing. The result is an epic feeling of opening and a renewed commitment to life, with an innate sense of peace and understanding of what it truly means to be a part of life's flow.


Lisa acts as a conduit of healing -- one who holds the space for someone to attain their own levels of renewal, offering clients an environment that is open, loving and non-judgmental, allowing them to release their pain and fear to expand into their own greatness. And while she's incredibly supportive and encouraging of each person's individual path, Lisa also shares the tools one needs to move and release blocked energy on their own. 


With genuine warmth and a continually renewed ability to embrace the human experience in deeper, more majestic ways, Lisa remains deeply dedicated to supporting those that are looking to change their lives in a deeper and more meaningful ways. Helping them to see what it is they can't see and make peace with this journey we call life. 




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